*Culture and Night Life in Cambodia Town*

This is just one of many Cambodian restraunts and night clubs found on, or near, Anaheim Street in Long Beach.

 This is a great example of how, through anvanced “transnational” media such as You Tube, people in disprate parts of the world can attempt to stay connected and feel some sort of bond to their native land. It is becomming more and more common to see technology being used in the larger urban areas around the globe–the vast number of language updates microsoft and others put out each year can attest to that. The big issue is that a reported 80%+ of people in places like Southeast Asia, live in extream poverty. I that light, it can be surmised that the purpose of preserving an image such as the video clip below, is in large part simply a means of preserving an artifact of a particular event for the sole use of those who can afford to relive the experiance through the mediums of video anad dvd. Given that the greater Long Beach area is reported to be home to as many as sixty-thousand former and decendents of refugees exiled from their homeland during the 1970’s and 80’s by the dictatot Pol Pot.

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  1. I spend some time in LB, so I will check out this restaurant soon. I’m always up for trying new foods and experiences. I will go before the dancing starts, however, lol! Thanks for posting it otherwise I would never have known about it.

  2. NIce blog, Eric. The video of the nightclub is great–looks like quite a place. Are you going to be discussing your dissertation project on the site? It would be great to see how all the clips and entries are tied to your research.

    • Yes, I think that I since I “have” to continue monitoring this for the rest of the semester I may as well make it into something worthwhile that I can take into the future. The potential in most “new media” is mind boggling to an extent. I can see me connecting to peolpe half way around the world and “comparing notes”. I don’t know what it will look like, but you can count on my sharing all I can!

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