Claremont’s a Pretty Happy Place!

Just an interesting note:

Yesterday I read an article listing the 100 Happiest Colleges in the US, and Claremont McKenna comes in at number one! Pomona College is number three, Harvey Mudd at number five, Scripps number six, and Pitzer College is number 22 –four out of five in the top six, including the number one spot–not bad!

Conversely, today I received an email sent to “all” CGU students from campus safety that is basically a police report from earlier this month. It describes a pervert exposing himself to a Pitzer student that was walking near Pomona College–not a very happy student…  What’s up with that?

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Having never actually been in a Zombie Apocolypse, I wasn’t certain what to expect going into this project. (more…)

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