Athropology And The Other: Mediation Through Digital Storytelling

Link to the essay here!

A very important part of this project is one of reflexivity and discovery. I, being one who has truly come up from the “Working Class”, not having even earned a High School Diploma when I enrolled at Goldenwest College at age 42–I am currently 50. The interesting thing I have found after taking this course, Visual Research Methods, is that I am becoming acutely aware of what is meant by the term “otherness”–we have become the other to the once Colonized, not just at home, but globally!

I initially set out to do a “Digital Storytelling” project, of which my Inglewood story is the beginning–I plan on continuing on with that project. What I was unaware of was that by telling my story, I have moved my self into that space of otherness–that is, as a member of the globalized-postcolonial world we are now experiencing. Once empowered, does it even make sense to put “your” story in the hands of a so-called expert? This is one area that I see where Cultural Studies breaks from Anthropology, Sociology, and the other social sciences, as well as the humanities, in a quite contentious way. Digital Storytelling is but one tool in the age of new media that can help bridge the transnational divide globalization  has created between the “other” and the “researcher”.

As for CLST 355, this was a great class and I will be looking much deeper into the area of media studies in the future! Everyone have a great summer!!!

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