The United States Constitution And The Bill of Rights: Is It Really For Everyone? It’s Supposed To Be!

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I am American, and I want my America to become “One Nation… with Liberty and Justice for All”. The censorship I received from Facebook last night, and my rant thereof, is indicative of how strong [the] Media, Big Business, and American Capitalist Democracy really are–“One for all… and all for those with power and privilege”.

I agree that Obama-care may not be the best solution to the healthcare crises, but it is a start to a breaking away from the “Status Quo”– it is not “Socialized Healthcare”! However, I get my medical needs taken care of by the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Long Beach, California. The VA has been hailed as the best model of a “Socialized Healthcare System” in the World–it just doesn’t add up, all the bickering we hear lately from Washington, now does it?

To move on, Mark Zimmerman should have never been fully exonerated, though I don’t see it as a case of simple “Premeditated Murder” either. However, he is guilty of killing someone and is therefore not fully innocent, as the sterile verdict stated–mere semantics can change everything! Likewise, Edward Snowden will never be free, but at least he is standing up for what he believes in, though I do see him as breaking his oath to up hold our Constitution and should not be fully allowed to get away with his misgivings either. It’s …a “rock and a hard place” situation as they say!

With the advent of “New Media” and it’s current manifestation known as “Social Media”, our rights under the Constitution are under attack like never before. Facebook, once heralded as a space for “free speech”, has now been monetized, and with that comes the evils of “Advanced Capitalism”.  I now realize that this is my “Blog”, and Facebook is their “community Blog” to which I agreed to ply by their rules upon opening an account… and thus, I realize that I have to play by the originators rules in any given forum–the same goes for the “Snowden’s” and the “Wiki Leaks” of the world!.

All was not lost though–I now have a saved copy of my comments, and I was able to test my “White Privilege” last night, and it left a sour taste in my mouth. All was well until I mentioned the word “race discrimination” and “that white folk, along with advanced capitalism are part of the problem we face today–both here in the US and globally”, (that’s not to say that the violence in the inner city minority neighborhoods isn’t real, it is–but it is simply the symptom of a larger systemic problem), but needless to say, after less than 10 hours my post was taken off with no explanation. Fine, I now know that people like “Wiki Leaks” and “Edward Snowden” are fighting a similar battle. However, in my case, I don’t want to damage our government, I just want my friends and neighbors to be treated equitably, have affordable health care, a safe environment in which to live, and enough to eat–the rest is up to them as for luxury and recreation goes. Full equality is an abstract idea that is unreasonable for anyone to expect. But a “Government For the people, and By the People”, where basic human rights on a global level are available to “ALL”, is something that should be a goal of every one of our elected officials and citizenry in general!

~ Eric R. Paison


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I will be re-invigorating this word press Blog I started a few years ago in order to have a forum where I can post my work… Facebook keeps censoring my posts, so stay tuned!

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